Gail Raborn, CHT: Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Telehealing with Gail Raborn

CLASS: Monday, March 25, 2019                 6:30-8:30pm

Listen to Your Body Through Hypnosis!

Did you know that laryngitis may mean that you’re afraid of speaking out? or that your back pain may mean someone in your life is a pain in the butt?

Through group hypnosis, you’ll learn Mind/Body Communication skills to:

l. Uncover messages and payoffs behind your health challenges

2. Increase understanding of what you need to heal

3. Learn your body’s preferences for the type of healer is best for you

4. Prevent future illnesses and injuries.

Suggested Donation:  $10-$20

Place: Sonoma County Healing Academy

6471 Sebastopol Ave. Ste. 120-140,  Sebastopol, CA 95472

No need to enroll: just come!                                                                                     



Gail RabornIs your life out of balance? Are you stuck in harmful habits or patterns? Battling PTSD?

I can guide you to heal past trauma, & move out of the ashes of your old life into a joyous rebirth of harmony, confidence, self-love, & inner light. Plus you’ll learn skills to maintain your new healthy balance.

 Do you need help healing from an illness or injury? Or to prepare for healing from surgery, chemo, radiation, a dental or  medical procedure? 

I can help you achieve the healing you need, reduce or even eliminate complications or side effects from your treatment, & learn the message behind your health challenge. Plus you’ll learn self-healing skills.

Perhaps you wish to connect with your Intuition, your Spirit Guides, your Guardian Angels and/or Higher Self? Or develop skills of Psychic Protection?

I can guide you to connect with your Intuition, Angels and Higher Self. Plus, you’ll learn how to keep your Chakras balanced & free of cords; & develop skills of Psychic Protection to prevent picking up other people’s imbalances & negative energies. 

My own Healing Journey has prepared me to work with yours: 

Long ago, an Angel during a near-death experience offered me the choice to stay on the Earth Plane, & rededicate my life to become an outstanding Healer, or cross over.  I chose to stay.

Then with the help of exceptional Hypnotherapists, Shamans, Psychotherapists, & Spiritual Teachers, I healed from suicidal depression, PTSD, & major anxiety. Four major surgeries taught me how to tap into Universal Healing Energy and resolve the issues that created the need for these surgeries.  Spiritual help from my Angels & Guides has been invaluable in my own healing & growth. Couldn’t have made it without them! 

What I need from you: strong commitment and desire to create positive, permanent change. Working together, you’ll be amazed at the transformation you’ll realize in yourself, your health & your life!

Our Healing tools: an integration of advanced systems of Hypnotherapy (including Alchemical Hypnotherapy),  Shamanic Journeying, Interactive Guided Imagery, Voice Dialogue, Spiritual Healing, Gestalt Therapy, Parts Therapy, Energy Medicine and Coaching.  I work in my office in Santa Rosa, CA, & by telephone. Plus, I offer my clients free mini-sessions of 15 minutes.

Benefits of Phone Sessions: Maximum confidentiality * The comfort of your home or office * No need to travel * I’m  available by phone in emergencies * I’ll call back within 24 hours*

Contact Information: (707) 827-3615  

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  1. Good news ! a goodoffering
    To qualify click on the link below


  2. Gail Raborn said:

    Hey Diana – give yourself a 2019 gift of a free session with me to access those missing memories. (707) 827-3615 or
    Warmly, Gail


  3. Gail Raborn said:

    Hi Diana,
    Are you still interested in working with me to unlock your memories? If so, contact me for a complimentary session! 707-827-3615 or Happy 2019! Warmly, Gail


  4. Thank you Gail, after our sessions I feel more powerful, happy, and confident.


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