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Welcome! I’m so glad to meet you!

Lift the Dark Clouds of Depression:

3 Month Workshop

Begins: November 9’17        Twelve Thursdays, 7-9 pm

Includes three free sessions!                                      Fire Victims: Special Discount!

Sick of being depressed? No motivation, low self-esteem? Chronically negative & anxious?  Heal your depression, leave your demons behind & move into the sunshine of self-love, positive thinking & inner peace!

Through Hypnosis, Time Regression, Role Playing, Voice Dialogue & Shamanic work you’ll:

*Heal the emotional wounds behind your depression; resolve anger, grief, fear 

*Harmonize/heal your Inner Family, as Inner Child, Critic, Pleaser, Warrior, etc.

*Create high self-esteem & become self-nurturing

*Transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones

*Own your gifts & strengths

*Reprogram negative self-talk into positive

*Work with your Wise Inner Guide

*Open your heart to forgiveness – & new friends

Place:  Santa Rosa by Fairgrounds

To register: Contact Gail Raborn  (707) 827-3615

Fee:  $295, pre-paid     Discount for Fire Victims!  Includes 3 free sessions!

Pay by check, cash, Visa/Mastercard/Paypal


Gail Raborn

Is your life out of balance? Are you depressed, anxious, full of self-doubt? Is your creative potential blocked? Do you lack self-love, or is a troubled relationship making your life hell? Are you re-running past painful memories or destructive patterns that cripple your life? Do you need to move out of the ashes of your old life into a joyous rebirth of harmony, confidence, self-love, & inner light?

Call upon me: I’m a catalyst for personal growth, emotional healing & transformation with over 30 years of experience. I integrate several schools of Hypnotherapy, Shamanic healing, Interactive Guided Imagery, spiritual healing and much, much more into my client work.  All my clients are unique: so I tailor my work to each individual. Plus, I’ll teach you self-hypnosis & other methods so you can heal yourself, once you’ve finished sessions with me.

Do you need help healing from an illness or injury? Or prepare for perfect healing from surgery, chemo, or a medical procedure? Would you like to learn Mind Body communication? Prevent illness and speed healing through mastering self-healing skills?

Call upon me: I can guide you to the physical healing you need – plus you’ll learn how to use the power of your mind & spirit through self-hypnosis & other self-healing methods.

Perhaps you wish to connect with your Intuition, your Spirit Guides, your Guardian Angels and/or Higher Self? Or learn how to keep your Chakras balanced & free of cords? Do you need more help with Energetic Protection?

Call upon me: I’m a natural Intuitive with years of work with Divine Spirit, guided by my Angels & my Higher Self. I’ve been practicing & teaching Energy Medicine for decades, so I can teach you powerful ways to work with yourself.

My own Healing Journey has prepared me to work with yours:  With the help of wise hypnotherapists, Shaman, psychotherapists, and spiritual teachers, I’ve healed from suicidal depression & major anxiety, healed from major illness & three life-threatening surgeries. Long ago, a near-death experience offered me the choice to stay on the Earth Plane, & rededicate my life as a healer. I chose to stay here for just this reason. And spiritual help from my Angels & Guides has been invaluable in my own healing & growth. Couldn’t have made it without them! Years of study within many schools of healing, plus over thirty years working with – & teaching – wonderful people, have enabled me to become the healer I am now. I’m honored that so many have trusted me with their growth & health.

All I need from you: strong commitment and desire to create positive, permanent change. Working together, you’ll be amazed at the transformation you realize in yourself, your health & your life!

Our tools: an integration of advanced systems of hypnotherapy (including Alchemical Hypnotherapy),  Shamanic Journeying, Interactive Guided Imagery, Voice Dialogue, spiritual healing, Energy Medicine and life coaching. We’ll work by phone or in my office near Sebastopol, CA

FREE 90 MINUTE SESSION:  call for yours NOW!

This is your chance to work with me FREE on whatever issue you choose; and if you are happy with your session, then continue on with me..  



Write:  Gail Raborn        PO Box 2703     Sebastopol, CA      95473

Benefits of Phone Hypnotherapy: Maximum confidentiality * The comfort of your home or office * No need to travel *I’m  available by phone in emergencies; I’ll call back within 24 hours*

Plus, I offer my clients free mini-sessions of 15 minutes whenever needed.


Comments on: "Welcome! I’m so glad to meet you!" (4)

  1. Gail, I’m soooo enthused about what’s coming up in Sebastopol with the new center open! Even David Quigley is involved! I’d love to meet you for a coffee or a meal in the “award-winning” cafe at the new Center; is it open yet?
    I strongly feel there will be something for me to do there at the Center, although my skills as a therapist are very rusty. Maybe you could use an apprentice or someone to help with all the administration of getting something like this going. I have outstanding secretarial skills.
    If you’re interested in getting together, give me a call or email and let’s see what comes of it.
    Thanks to you, for all you do!
    Rev. BE


    • Gail Raborn said:

      Hi Allorrah,
      Sure – let’s get together for coffee sometime soon…not next week; it’s already crazy busy. Give me a call.
      The cafe is open at the hospital. I don’t know if your services would be needed at the Integrative Health Institute; you can contact them directly thru the hospital to ask. I really don’t need an apprentice, but thanks. There are twice weekly talks by holistic practitioners at the hospital every week; check the hospital website for more info about that. They’re really good.
      Thanks for your interest, Gail


  2. Congratulations on your sweet, succinct site! Where can I get up-to-the-minute info. on the new Medical Center and services available, such as yours? Will folks have to have a referral to get your services? Feel free to contact me at .
    Thanks to you, for all you do!
    Rev. Allorrah Be, CAHt.
    Mobile Minister
    Circles of Light Ministries
    Sebastopol CA


    • Gail Raborn said:

      Hi Allorrah,
      Sorry to take so long to reply; my website is still in process and haven’t checked it in awhile. Give me a call so I can talk in person to you about my own work by phone or in my Santa Rosa office: 707-827-3615. As for the Sonoma West Medical Center, it’s now open and going full steam ahead. The Integrative Health Institute, which I’m part of, is just now setting up how it will operate. No, folks won’t have to have a referral to work with me if you are an inpatient there, but you will have to pay (in the hospital) through insurance or out of pocket.
      As for outpatient work, the hospital should soon start to advertise the various practitioners in the Integrative Health Institute; I’m not sure yet how that billing will work. I’ll check into this today. Thanks for contacting me! And I’ll send you a private email…
      Blessings, Gail

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