Gail Raborn, CHT: Hypnotherapy and Coaching


What you can expect in your work with me:

“It is no exaggeration to say that Gail Raborn saved my life.  Less than a year ago, due a a catastrophic life event, I had a suicide plan when Gail called me out of the blue. This was not the first time she’d called me suddenly at a time when I was in dire trouble. She literally talked me out of suicide, and promised me that if I put in the work and didn’t quit, I could heal.   I didn’t believe it, but now I am healing, and have never been as happy as I am now. Our pasts affect us in ways we never realize. If you’re ready to soul-search, be brutally honest with yourself and put in the work, I promise you won’t be sorry. Gail’s methods are very different to other therapists: she’s the best of the best.”  Lori W., Florida

“There are ‘off the shelf’ visualizations out there, some with soft musical accompaniment. However, the personalization of the visualization process and my surgical team that I did with Gail, made a big difference.  It allowed me to experience a surgical process that, while before would have brought fearful thoughts, instead was experienced as a relaxed, wholesome experience. After doing more visualizations, combined with prayers, I now can go into the OR and even joke with the medical staff, who Gail referred to as my ‘guardian angels’. Thank you, Gail.”  Jim C., Little River, CA

” I worked with Gail over the phone to tackle some very painful issues…what I like most about Gail is her ability to get to the root of the problem quickly with a supportive, yet assertive approach. She was gentle in her counsel, but also called me out when I truly was wrong in certain situations.  It helped me take ownership of my problems, and spend the time resolving them, instead of wallowing in immobilizing self-pity. Since working with her, my self-esteem, self-trust and self-confidence have drastically improved.”   Cory B.,  Tennessee

“We all have multiple aspects of our selves. Because of Gail’s natural intuitiveness, skills in hypnosis and guided imagery, she helps one create a true Inner Sanctuary.  In this deep place, a safe dialogue can take place between the different aspects of self in a direct and transformative way. This is one way she guides one in becoming a more whole person.  In couples therapy, she creates a safe and neutral place for a transformative dialogue between couples to occur, facilitating healing in the relationship.”    Jill W.,Taos, NM 

“I will always appreciate you being in my life when I so desperately needed it.” Vivian M., California

“I always think of the ugly duckling story of myself whenever I see a swan. I am recognizing my swanness and am now surrounded by so many swans … thank you for being such an important part of my growing-up process, or should I say the beginning of my transformation. I love you.” Mindy K., New York

“Thank you for showing me a medium by which I am finding that I have a choice in being who I want to be in any given situation. Not “enlightenment”, but a point of reference from which to grow new tendrils. Thank you for your sensitive guidance.” Elke J., Germany

“Gail Raborn’s telephone hypnotherapy service has pulled me out of a deep hole and put my life on a new and exciting track. My friends (and I) are all amazed at this new, dynamic person I’ve become. She’s professional, experienced and her voice creates a ‘safe space to talk’ clear across the county.” Stan S., Missouri

“I appreciate your kindness. It was important and good for me to be met so warmly and openly when I for the first time in my adult life converted completely into my most painful and vulnerable child part.” Ylva E., Norway

“It’s amazing how much your acceptance and encouragement have allowed my wings to spread. My spirit is learning to fly, and you’ve played such a large part in that. So – thank you for the gift of flight!” Cindy M., Washington

“You are a very special woman. You go beyond the call of duty.” Gilead L., Oregon

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  1. Joel Burns said:

    As I have been telling you for several months, Gail, you have an amazing way of recognizing the optimum ways to generate my own “Aha!” moments after “Aha!” moments in every aspect of my life.
    Your ability to deeply engage those of us who are willing to engage, challenging us to first recognize, then act in a positive way by leaning on our strengths and enhancing our weaknesses has been life-changing for me personally.
    I would be happy to highly recommend you (and I already have) to anyone who is looking for a trusted advocate to help them develop the skills to thrive through the uncertainty, challenges and wonderful surprises we face each day.
    Thank you for your customized dedication to help me build clarity on MY best qualities, skills and even hidden confidence to reward my life-long curiosity of the world and important relationships.

    J. Burns, Dallas, TX


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