Gail Raborn, CHT: Hypnotherapy and Coaching


Listen to my clients’ comments about their successes in working with me!

“We all have multiple aspects of our selves. Because of Gail’s natural intuitiveness, skills in hypnosis and guided imagery, she helps one create a true Inner Sanctuary.  In this deep place, a safe dialogue can take place between the different aspects of self in a direct and transformative way. This is one way she guides one in becoming a more whole person.  In couples therapy, she creates a safe and neutral place for a transformative dialogue between couples to occur, facilitating healing in the relationship.”    Jill W.,Taos, NM 

“I will always appreciate you being in my life when I so desperately needed it.” Vivian M., California

“I always think of the ugly duckling story of myself whenever I see a swan. I am recognizing my swanness and am now surrounded by so many swans … thank you for being such an important part of my growing-up process, or should I say the beginning of my transformation. I love you.” Mindy K., New York

“Thank you for showing me a medium by which I am finding that I have a choice in being who I want to be in any given situation. Not “enlightenment”, but a point of reference from which to grow new tendrils. Thank you for your sensitive guidance.” Elke J., Germany

“Gail Raborn’s telephone hypnotherapy service has pulled me out of a deep hole and put my life on a new and exciting track. My friends (and I) are all amazed at this new, dynamic person I’ve become. She’s professional, experienced and her voice creates a ‘safe space to talk’ clear across the county.” Stan S., Missouri

“I appreciate your kindness. It was important and good for me to be met so warmly and openly when I for the first time in my adult life converted completely into my most painful and vulnerable child part.” Ylva E., Norway

“It’s amazing how much your acceptance and encouragement have allowed my wings to spread. My spirit is learning to fly, and you’ve played such a large part in that. So – thank you for the gift of flight!” Cindy M., Washington

“You are a very special woman. You go beyond the call of duty.” Gilead L., Oregon


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