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Need Help with Cancer?

            Resources for Cancer Patients in Sonoma County

       Facing the diagnosis of cancer can be devastating: physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Both of my parents had cancer, and both died of complications from this scary illness. I myself had a brush with cancer; but with the help of self-hypnosis and spiritual healing, I was able to recover without other treatments.  Most cancer patients, however, want to include other cancer treatments for their healing journey. And since there are so many kinds of cancers, not to mention treatments available, finding your unique path to recovery can be overwhelming.  To help you on your path, here are some of the cancer resources I’ve found available in Sonoma County. 

     The foundation of healing requires good nutrition.  The Ceres Community Project in Sebastopol offers beautiful, delicious and nourishing organic meals to people in crisis and/or treatment due to serious illness. About 85% of their clients have cancer.  Their goal is to help clients stay well-nourished to lessen side effects, increase positive treatment outcomes and help them recover more quickly. For low-income patients, these meals are free for up to twelve weeks and which can include the whole family. For a second twelve weeks,  they ask $10-$50 per week for this service – but no one is turned away for lack of funds. For cancer patients with more financial resources, they ask $85 per person per week.  The food they cook is received mostly through donations and cooked lovingly through many volunteers.  For more information, call: 707-829-5833 Ext 201, or email

     Even when you’re sick, exercise is vital to your emotional well-being, reduces stress and helps stimulate your immune system.  The Airport Club Exercise Support Group for Cancer Patients  is worth looking into. Call Linda Illsley at: 707-528-2582 ext. 69 or Lori Ennis at: 707-528-2582 ext. 43.  There’s also a stretching class for cancer patients with Christine Bandettini: 707-765-3995  Or try a movement and dance class for cancer patients with Sarah: 707-470-3208.

      Treatment of cancer is complex. “Treatment of cancer is as much an art as a science, because what works for one person may not work for the next with what appears to be an apparently identical cancer. Cancer is more than “cancer”.  It involves psycho/emotional/spiritual, nutritional, toxic, energetic, immune disabling, epigenetic and many other challenges that will be totally different between people. The treatment for cancer, in my humble opinion, is the treatment of the host and optimizing his/her immune system together with the other factors.  Targeting wayward cancer cells alone is folly.” 

     This quote is from Dr. Robert Rowen,  who works with his wife, Dr. Terri Su in Santa Rosa,  to optimize metabolism, detoxify and optimize the immune system in cancer patients. You can reach them at: 707-578-7787. 

     I agree with Dr. Rowen; it’s vital bring all aspects of your life into harmony in order to recover fully.  It’s up to you if you wish to approach your healing journey through allopathic (traditional) medicine, Integrative (holistic) Medicine, or some combination of the two.

     You can find massage therapists,  nutritionists, Chinese Medicine doctor, medical cannabis physicians,  Naturopathic doctors, Hypnotherapists, Guided Imagery practitioners, Energy Medicine practitioners,  Shamanic healers, and more through the internet, WaccoBB, and through referral by friends or support groups. These holistic healers can help you rebalance your entire body, strengthen your immune system, deal with stress management, and work naturally with issues of pain.  Hypnotherapists can teach you self-hypnosis, which utilizes your inner power for healing plus helps you connect with wise inner guidance.

    Emotional help is very important while facing cancer because fear, anger, grief, stress and depression are common side effects of this major health challenge, and all these negative emotions weaken the immune system just when you want it at its strongest. To find a therapist, hypnotherapist or coach specializing in work with cancer patients, just google these terms. You’ll find plenty to choose from. Or, see what the local hospitals and cancer resource centers offer.

     As for spiritual support, many churches and spiritual centers in Sonoma County offer free spiritual counseling, prayers, healing meditations, and spiritual treatments for those facing illness of any sort. Many offer telephone healing sessions, when you’re too ill to drive.

    Several medical centers in Sonoma County specialize in the integration of alternative and traditional approaches for healing cancer.  The Hill Park Medical Center, headed by  Dr. Brian Bouch includes several physicians, an Osteopathic doctor, several Naturopathic doctors, and a doctor of Chinese Medicine. You can reach them at: 707-861-7300, 435 Petaluma Ave, Suite 150, Sebastopol.

      The Integrative Medical Clinic in Santa Rosa, directed by Dr. Ellen Barnett has several physicians, a chiropractor, Naturopath, Rosen body worker, and an MFT who specialize in work with cancer patients. You can reach them at: 707-284-9200 , 175 Concourse Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA.

     Sonoma West Medical Center,  a newly opened hospital in Sebastopol, includes an Integrative Health Institute which offers massage, acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, nutrition education, Mind/Body healing,  and Hypnotherapy. Free demos/talks on various healing arts are offered twice weekly in the Conference Room of the hospital. Get more information about this through their website,, or email

      The American Cancer Society in Sonoma County is a wonderful organization you can reach at: 1-800-227-2345,  They offer an extensive list of cancer support programs aimed at children, teens and adults, with special groups for particular types of cancer; plus they offer programs for bereavement, yoga, dance and help to obtain special clothing.

     The North Bay Cancer Alliance, which has a branch at 185 Sotoyome Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95405, offers a wide variety of help to cancer patients including financial assistance, cancer information, patient resources, nutritional information, alternative treatments, pet therapy, data and stats, and much more. They can be contacted via email:

       All hospitals with oncology departments in Sonoma County offer Integrative Health Services along with allopathic medicine. Their programs including diagnosis and treatment, living with cancer, emotional wellness, clinical trials, free support groups, caregiver support, financial aid, classes, lectures and more. Their Integrative Health Services may include massage, hypnosis, acupuncture, and nutritional education.

     Here’s a list of available hospitals. They’re all offer varied programs for cancer patients, so take your time checking them out:

1. Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation: 

Sutter Breast Cancer Support Groups: 707-576-4760   Sutter Warrick campus     2449 Summerfield Rd, Santa Rosa.

2. Kaiser Permanente Hospital:  Cancer Support Group  707-393-3229    401 Bicentennial Way, MOB-East, Room E-3.

3. Redwood Regional Medical Group:  707-523-662

121 Sotoyome St., Santa Rosa

4. Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital: 707-546-3210     

1165 Montgomery Dr., Santa Rosa

5. Healdsburg District Hospital :     707-431-6500

1375 University Dr., Healdsburg

6.  Petaluma Valley Hospital:   707-778-1111

400 N. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma

7. Sonoma Valley Hospital: Cancer Support Sonoma: 935-5355

735 Andrieux St., Sonoma

     In financial distress? Besides financial aid offered at many hospitals, the state of CA also offers a Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment program through Medi-Cal to low income people.  Even if you’ve been denied Medi-Cal, talk to a county Eligibility Worker to make a referral for you to the BCCTP.  For more information, call 800-824-0088. The North Bay Cancer Alliance also offers financial assistance to uninsured or underinsured  patients. In addition, they provide information about local patient resources, alternative treatments, cancer information, national resources, pet therapy and much more. Contact them at:  They’re located at: 185 Sotoyome St., Santa Rosa.

      Some holistic healers offer reduced rates for cancer patients, especially those with low incomes. As a hypnotherapist, I offer three free sessions to anyone diagnosed with cancer. You can reach me at: 707-827-3615,,

      Many cancer survivors say that their journey through cancer provided an amazing opportunity to grow!  I’ve heard cancer survivors say their illness taught them increased self-love and nurturing, helped them heal from old anger and become more forgiving, learn to listen to their bodies, develop a stronger connection with Spirit, and forge deeper love bonds with family and friends.

      If you take charge of your own healing path, you’ll feel less stressed, more positive, and more in control. If you haven’t already, tap into some of the many resources you have here at your fingertips in Sonoma County to create your team of healers. The path of healing from cancer is never easy, but with a loving group of friends, family and healers working with you, you can do it!

Bio: Gail Raborn, CHT. is a Hypnotherapist and Interactive Guided Imagery Practitioner specializing in MindBody Medicine and helping cancer patients heal. Gail’s part of the Integrative Health Institute at the Sonoma West Medical Center in Sebastopol, CA working with in and out patients there. She has a private practice by telephone, office, and offers house calls.   Contact Gail:  707-827-3615;


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